Renee Mahni


Renee Mahni, born near Detroit Michigan, has been an artist since childhood. With a love for animals and adventure, her pursuits have taken her from Michigan to living in the mountains of Colorado, Australia, Big Island Hawaii, the foothills of the Sierras in California, Austin Texas, Tamera in Portugal and Montana to finally settle in Eugene Oregon. She finds inspiration in the wild beauty in the National Parks of the US. As an intuitive fabricator, she pulls from the incomprehensible beauty found in the natural world of past and present while dreaming into the future. An idealist at heart, she strives to inspire herself and others to capture a sense of mystery, awe and sweetness in her various art forms and healing modalities. She believes that living is an art form that oozes from every facet of being to enrich the beauty that surrounds us every moment of every day.